Virtual Easter Egg Contest

If you found this “EGGstra” Cool Contest, then you’re ready to go to the next level…


1. Find and “Click” on this listing (hidden somewhere on the RETechCampus)

Virtual 3D Listing with Matterport


2. Be the “first one” to comment below with the “correct answers” and WIN!

3. ALL 3 Answers Must Be Correct.

A. How many “pans” (not pots) are hanging in the kitchen?

B. Who is the most “Famous Artist” found hanging on the wall?
(hint – they don’t hear as well anymore)

C. How many “levels” does this hidden Gem have?

WINNER will receive an eXp Branded “Jackery” and will be notified here after midnight on Easter Sunday!

Good luck and may the best “HUNTER” WIN!


  • BradAndersohn

    The point of this contest was not sooo much about finding the egg as it was finding and discovering the promotion of Debbie’s listing, how to use the campus to help promote a listing, and of course eXploring the Matterport camera and technology that falls right in line with our common belief and demonstration of “The future of real estate now!”

    The golden egg was spotted in Building one, hidden very well I might add. lol~ It looks like the first correct answer here was submitted by Mr Howard C. Fritz, congratulations Howard!! I think everyone who got to discover the real hidden treasure here is a winner!!

    I know Easter is over now, but the hunt never ends!

  • BradAndersohn

    Anyone and everyone is eligible! 🙂

    • Brenda Honey-Rogers

      I think A. is a trick question, in my opinion there are a total of 6 pans, 4 Frying and 2 Sauce. B.Vincent Van Gogh, and C. 3 Levels

  • Howard C. Fritz

    My last response says waiting for ReTech Campus approval..4 pans, van gogh, 3 floors…

    • BradAndersohn

      Your comment was moderated and shows posted below…

  • Mark Rodriguez

    A. 4 pans (not pots)
    B. Vincent Van Gogh
    C. 3 levels

  • Mark Rodriguez

    A. 4 pans (not pots)
    B. Vincent Van Gogh
    C. 3 Levels

  • BradAndersohn

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  • Guest

    Thanks, Brad!

  • gabelebeau

    This is cool, Brad!

  • gabelebeau

    This is great!

  • Eddi Hughes

    Hey Brad!

  • BradAndersohn

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