Trading Real Estate xTradeHomes

The evolution of real estate is shared with agents and brokers inside eXp’s World prior to launching in the United States and Canada. In this first-ever preview of, Marcel Potvin shares this brand new service and concept for consumers and agents. Real Estate Agents can use xTradeHomes to bring together multiple sellers to trade homes down the street, across town or around the country.

What is

It is a powerful tool for an astute REALTOR® and their Client. The whole system was designed to make real estate transactions faster, easier and less costly for all. is proprietary patent pending—a sophisticated, powerful data management system—usable anywhere in North America, designed to connect sellers with sellers immediately.

xTradeHomes finds multiple xTrades™ to match various sellers with the right properties, and ease them into converting to Buyers as well – quickly and efficiently.

xTrading™ is offered to REALTORS® as a Membership Service through our website (no software is needed). The system does the heavy lifting. It matches the REALTORS®’ client’s listed property with what the Client wishes to purchase.