The Ultimate Real Estate Listing Consultation

Imagine what it would be like to gather 3 or 4 top real estate listing experts from all over the country, and the value of putting them all together in a room where they would share their greatest success secrets, best kept practices, tips and proven techniques, and impart the most effective strategies to help you WIN the listing every time?

During this VIP panel of experts with more than 50+ years combined experience, you’ll come away with real life practices and strategies that you can implement into your business plan immediately. Winning the listing is just part of what makes this session so powerful, but learning how this grows your referral business is the icing on the cake.

KimHayden     Mike Long     Tyler-Meyer     Darryl Baskin

(L to R) Kim Hayden, Mike Long, Tyler Meyer, and Darryl Baskin

Take a moment to surround yourself in a quiet place for the next hour and indulge in the information shared by Kim Haydon, Darryl Baskin, Mike Long and Tyler Meyer. Each of these experts shares power-packed suggestions and ideas that have helped make them successful, and they selflessly deliver it with the sincere intention to help you do the same.

Topics of discussion include:

  • Today’s Real Estate Listing Prospect
  • Listing Presentation vs Real Estate Consultation
  • What Questions for Consultation
  • Value Propositions for Presentation
  • The Time and Length of Appointment
  • Pre-Listing Packages
  • The CMA Tool and Analysis
  • Competing with 3rd Party Home Values
  • Open Forum Q&A with Panel Feedback

Take a watch and listen to see what you may or may not be doing to secure more appointments and close more listing opportunities. “I’d use this twofold: As a drop off for expired and FSBO’s’ and as a leave behind after a presentation” said Mike Long when asked if he provides a packet or any seller consultation documentation. How to Sell Your Home in Any Market

“The Comps & Stats pages are designed for me to pause and go away from the booklet and review the CMA which will be separate. The Notes page in the back is for the seller, however, it would be good to do a seller’s NET sheet right there on the spot to impress them and show them what they are walking away with. It’s going to be printed 11 x 8.5 landscape, full bleed, with a nice staple stitch binding to keep it all together.  A great leave behind that should impress a seller as much as an iPad did 5 years ago” said Mike.

The Ultimate Real Estate Listing Consultation Panel
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