The Multi-Million Dollar Producer Insights

Samer KuraishiThere are not very many agents in this country who can say that they’ve closed more than $143,000,000 million in real estate transactions in a single year. Last year in 2014, Samer Kuraishi and his East Coast Team at A-K Real Estate did just that. This volume of transactions and the effort that goes into cultivating, capturing, and converting this many clients can be hard to wrap your head around. How is this even possible?

Samer joined us “LIVE” today to discuss some of his best practice tips, some of his best kept secrets, but more importantly he shares with you exactly what it took and what it will take for you to do the same. His honest and transparent advice and suggestions were not only very well received by other attendees today, but the live stream audience and those on campus came away with way more than they bargained for today!

In this session, a variety of questions were asked that all lead to one final conclusion. At the end of the day, who is responsible for your success? Is it your broker? Maybe it’s your company and brand? It could be your marketing team, your assistant or even your husband or wife’s fault? I think you know that at the end of the day, greatness lies within us all and that greatness can only be tapped into by the one responsible for your success!?

Samer Kuraishi at RETechCampus
To peak your interests a bit more, here’s a few “golden nuggets” Samer shared when asked, ” What are some sites, tools, or apps you just can’t live without in your business?”  Samer’s response, “I use Google and the MLS for research. I use Fivestreet, Follow-up boss and Boma for contact management, and a few of my favorite apps I can’t live without are Homesnap, Cudasign and Turboscan.”

If you don’t come away with at least one totally amazing tip, idea, best practice or piece of advice from this archived video below… I will eat this post… video and all! Enjoy~  🙂

Brad Andersohn and Samer Kuraishi




  • BradAndersohn

    Wow! This guy even shows up as the area expert on Zillow for the White House!! You go Samer, I’d love to see your listing presentation for this home?!? 🙂