Enter your name below and click “Start a Rescue Session” to download LogMeIn Rescue and add yourself to the support queue. A support technician will be notified and contact you through the LogMeIn Rescue console as soon as available. For questions that require immediate assistance or to schedule a LogMeIn Rescue session please contact support@exprealty.com.

What Can You Do during a Rescue Session?

  • Allow or deny support technician(s) to take control of your computer for the purpose of solving technical issues
  • Chat with the technician(s)
  • Send individual files to a technician
  • Revoke permissions, such as remote control or file management, from the technician by clicking the large X in the upper-left corner
  • End a session by clicking the small X in the upper-right corner
Enter Your Name and Click “Start a Rescue Session” Once to Start the Download