Tax Strategies for Real Estate Professionals

Tax strategies and deductions for real estate professionals.

Tax laws in regards to your real estate business require your ongoing research, education and typically a good mentor and accountant to help you understand plus keep you on track and informed. Tax laws that affect real estate agents/brokers and their business models change every year. You can’t know what you don’t know until someone tells you or teaches you, right?

RETechCampus Tax Training

This tax strategy and real estate deductions session covers a variety of ways you can save money. It also provides a few strategies where you can actually be making more money and protecting your financial investments with a more secure and protected plan. Linda de Marlor from joins us to share some valuable tips and strategies. Some of which you will be amazed by and don’t even know exist.

Some items shared and discussed:

  • 401K (solo)
  • Equipment
  • Professional Services
  • Medical
  • Sales
  • Communications
  • Automobile
  • Home Office
    and much more…

The most powerful plan available for REALTORS is the solo 401k as pointed out by President Linda de Marlor, tax strategist from Tax Masters. There is quite a bit of information here that you won’t know about, so be sure to prepare properly by grabbing a pencil and paper in one hand, and in the other use your mouse to stop the video so you can take some much needed and valuable notes. Enjoy, this is a really great session.

Real Estate Tax Deductions

Download Linda’s REALTOR HANDOUT which includes her company and contact info, some tax tips for REALTORS, agent deductions, an office in-home worksheet, investment property income and expenses, medical reimbursements, hiring a spouse or partner and the solo individual 401K.