Target Marketing & Niche Prospecting

In today’s training session we reviewed the agent goal planner workshop that took place on Monday. The idea behind the goal planner is to determine how many contacts and appointments you’ll have to have (based on NAR averages and statistics)  in order to obtain the number of closings needed to reach or exceed your financial real estate income goals.  This workshop focuses on knowing those specific numbers that are unique to you, and the next steps and action items required to get those appointments and close more transactions.

Of course knowing how many contacts and appointments you need is only half the equation for success, the other half is searching, finding, and converting those contacts and appointments into clients for life. Target marketing, geographic farming and niche prospecting are the best ways to reach your goals. Contacts gets you appointments and appointments are where you close transactions, it’s really that simple. Everything else is just a tool or a means to an end. On the contrary, everything else can also be a distraction and a total time suck.

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In today’s workshop training, we discussed and shared where to go, who to target, how to find them and what to say on 10 different prospecting concepts and targeting ideas.

Target Marketing & Niche Prospecting 

  • Expired and Withdrawn Listings
  • Open House Lead Generation Tips
  • Prospecting Zillow “Make Me Move” homeowners
  • Non Owner Occupied Rental Listings
  • Moving Sales – Local Newspaper & Classifieds
  • Happy Anniversary Community Farming
  • Empty Nester Target Marketing Public Records
  • Social Media Prospecting for Listings
  • For Sale By Owner Strategies
  • Farming Multiple Property Owners and Investors
  • Target Marketing by Property Use Codes
  • Taking Over Business for Agents Gone
  • Default, Foreclosure and REO Niches
  • Prospecting Out of area Investors and Owners
  • Non Traditional Geographic and Demographic Farming

At the end of the day, the only person who is responsible for your contacts and database, setting up your appointments, managing your closings and who is accountable for your real estate success is YOU. Success in real estate is not all about the money and relationships, it’s also about doing something you love and having a passion for simply helping people. Every one of these ideas, suggestions and concepts is all about helping these specific niche and target markets with their individual and unique real estate needs and goals.

Remember that hope is not a strategy and while everyone has an opinion about what works and what doesn’t, the reality is that it takes YOUR work and commitment to make it happen! Not to be too cliche but these are some relative and powerful quotes; “The man on top of the mountain didn’t fall there.”  “Can’t win if you don’t play!”  “No pain, no gain!”  And my favorite of all is, “If you think you can, you will, if you think you can’t, you won’t. Either way, you’re right!