Target and Niche Marketing

In the last “Grow Your Business Coaching” session at RE Tech Campus, we discussed and shared the many ways agents can get business. Starting with the low hanging fruit and then moving into some more creative and sophisticated target marketing and niche prospecting strategies.

The knowledge is just one part of this, having the resources and access is just important so we’ll show you how and where to get the information you’ll need to target and niche market successfully.

We know that the man on top of the mountain didn’t fall there, but with some of these ideas you won’t need to be putting on your hiking boots or climbing gear. In many cases you’ll be able to start by simply picking up your phone, sending out some communication and at worst, knocking on a few doors.

Here’s at least 20 popular and proven ways you can grow your business. By implementing one or more of these creative ideas, you will begin to see a huge increase in your contacts and appointments which we all know is what it takes to close more transactions.