Real and Zillow Update – Jay Thompson

Jay Thompson, Director of Industry Outreach from Zillow Group joins us as our special guest to share an update regarding the new website for first-time buyers and millennials. In addition, Jay provided an update about Zillow, some of the new changes to Zillow Group policies, and shared some interesting tidbits in order to dispel some myths and […]

Agent Best Practices for Using Zillow

This Zillow session was recorded at the RE Tech Campus industry outreach event on Tuesday, December 6th, 2016 and was moderated and presented by Brad Andersohn, former Zillow employee (2010-2014) and now full-time Director of Education and Industry Outreach for eXp Realty. eXp Realty and RE Tech Campus along with First Cloud Mortgage can all be […]

Zillow Tips and Secrets Unveiled

Bringing The Real Estate Cloud To The People Today marks yet another exciting milestone for the RETech Campus, eXp Realty, and all thanks to Zillow. Our session “Zillow Top Secrets” from a former staff employee of Zillow, was shared around the country and world from inside our cloud campus amphitheater. Bringing the Real Estate Cloud […]

How To Maximize Free Zillow Services

Regardless of your marketing and real estate advertising strategy, and no matter where your budget allows you to make your investments, there’s always additional ways to get more for your dollar than what appears to be available? In other words, sometimes you can maximize the tools and services available and in this case not incur […]