Squeeze and Landing Page BEST Tips

Jennifer Snyder, the expert Digital Marketing Maven from MarketingIdeasforAgents.com shares her best practices and top tips for agents wanting to cultivate, capture and convert more business specifically from their squeeze and targeted landing pages.

A favorite quote from her session, “Make your CTA clear and compelling, how will putting in their info help them immediately solve their problem?!” This session includes tips and tricks regarding all the do’s and don’ts for landing pages and includes some great Facebook tips as well.

Landing Page Dos
Things NOT TO DO on Landing Pages
Here’s some screen shots captured during the workshop. They require no explanation and should make perfect sense. These are straight up some of the best tips and best practices for your pages.


Getting your landing pages and squeeze pages to provide you with ample leads and potential prospects demands this research so you can gain the appropriate knowledge and required steps for success. Everything from creating them to getting the quickest and best results was covered here in this session.

Yes, it takes the right ingredients but less time, money and effort than you may think.

Squeeze and Landing Pages
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