RETechCampus Navigation and Collaboration

There are a variety of ways to navigate around the campus using your avatar as your personal assistant. Just pointing your mouse in the proper direction within your browser and pressing the “W” on your keyboard will most certainly get you around, but in order to benefit from the full experience, there’s a few more things to know.

This slide deck displays different areas of the campus that have specific collaboration and networking benefits.


Here’s a basic cheat sheet for your first few experiences visiting the campus. You’ll feel right at home after a few short visits and then you can begin to experience some of the more advanced functions and features.

RETechCampus Navigation Tips

This 2in1 tutorial covers both the navigational tools and skills including the “advanced feature” of flying around the campus, plus it covers how to use some of the collaboration, sharing, and networking tools. Learn how to share docs, collaborate on forms, share your desktop with others, use video-conferencing, upload media and more.

To view the grand opening event in its entirety, the archive video has been rendered and should be available below once the event has played live, been published and then placed into the archives library on the campus page which is located at