The RETechCampus Grand Opening

The RETechCampus Grand Opening Ceremony and Celebration

Today was a very BIG DAY for owners, brokers, agents and every single real estate professional in the industry.

RETechCampus launched publicly today positioning its existence to make a difference in peoples careers, create opportunity for like-minded individuals to connect, network, share, collaborate and grow.  The new Campus offers a very unique and powerful way of networking and socializing with other real estate pro’s from all over the world.

RETechCampus Grand Opening 3-30-15

Who Is RETechCampus

RETechCampus was created and designed by handful of knowledgeable and very passionate Real Estate professionals with more than 110 years combined industry experience. It was designed by real estate professionals specifically for real estate professionals who have an obvious and transparent passion (call it obsession) for helping others.

“Together we’ve built a powerful platform and a brand new resource where other real estate professionals can expand their knowledge,  collaborate and share referrals, network with preferred providers and industry affiliates, and experience unique and gratifying rewards as a result.”

Glenn Sanford, Jason Gesing, David Gagnon, Gabe Lebeau and Brad Andersohn are just a few of the instrumental leaders and executives who have helped turn an industry vision and dream into a global reaching reality. RETechCampus, a division of eXp Realty International Corp. is the first ever and only platform ever of its kind.

RETechCampus Thought Leaders

What Is RETechCampus

RETechCampus is an International cloud-based Education, Training and Support Campus for real estate professionals.  It’s the only single online technology and education resource of its kind for all things real estate. Everything is conveniently accessed and located in the cloud.  The campus is open and available to all real estate professionals both new and experienced.

RETechCampus is your school to learn, your university to grow, your Academy to connect and excel, and it’s your full service Campus to network and collaborate while also being your full-service platform and resource to help you succeed with your real estate financial strategy and business goals.

RETechCampus for Real Estate Professionals

NOTE: The new campus also includes the newly introduced and much sought after WTM “work the magic” support team who tackles virtually any and every topic or challenge faced by today’s tech and non tech savvy agents and brokers. Come meet and try to stump them “LIVE” on RETech Tuesday, April 14, 2015 from 12-1pm PDT (3-4pm EDT) and bring your tech challenges.

RETechCampus Workin The Magic Team

When is RETechCampus

IT’S LIVE TODAY! Visit the calendar for details and to register for any and all upcoming events.

Where is RETechCampus

We’re in the cloud, just like every other technology we use daily? Voice mails, emails, databases and systems, information, documents, communications all on the web, all mobile, and all in the cloud.  We’re the first fully-immersive cloud based 3D virtual online campus in the entire real estate industry and possibly the world.

Finding a geographic location, a building, even a city where this can happen 24/7 is impossible, it simply doesn’t exist.

Think about this. Your prospects and clients are in the cloud. Your email and voice mail are in the cloud, your pictures and videos are in the cloud. Your documents, your finances, your stocks and even your social media and online networks are all in the cloud, so really the question comes down to this?  Now that we are too, why aren’t you?

RETechCampus in the Cloud

Why is RETechCampus

To make an honest and positive difference and impact within our industry, our communities and among our national, International and global colleagues. We want to provide a platform and resource where the much needed and in demand need for training and education could be supplied in a safe, user friendly, and never before used technology in the real estate space.

If you ask yourself this, “Would I rather know 100% of what I already know, or would I rather know %1 of what 100 others know?” You just can’t put a price on something like this and the value that it brings to anyone that it happens to touch.

RETechCampus will be the conduit that connects affiliates, agents, brokers, educators, and industry professionals that together will help make history, change and age-old industry and have global impact in lives and in communities around the world.

The reality is that today, there’s an International resource and website with the greatest potential connecting agents and brokers around the world with plenty of room for growth and great expectations and anticipation for global expansion.

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 3.20.29 PM

We ARE RETechCampus

Picture the campus as a big Real Estate Social Network. We believe that by providing a solution to an individuals challenges and getting them answers to questions where no one else can, this will be what resonates most with agents. This opens up multiple doors of opportunity on a variety of levels.  It’s not so much about the communications as much as it is about the conversations. This is where “everyone” learns and grows. RETechCampus could be the NEXT BIG Social Network for Real Estate Pro’s.

What really makes RETEchCampus possible is the daily networking, the agent and broker marketing, and the collaboration opportunities that take place online everyday. Every agent, broker and company experience is unique. Agents and Brokers around the world have and require different skill-sets, staffing, systems, support, technologies and automated programs from workflow tasks to client management.

Seeking and acquiring accurate and timely education, real estate training and technical support is an ongoing endeavor for real estate professionals. This is nothing new and it’s never going to change. In fact now with social, mobile, and the push of next century technology, it’s just going to get worse. Agents and brokers don’t and won’t have time to keep up with everything and learn all that’s new. They need a place to re-school, retool, recharge, reinvent, re-churn and re-learn etc.

Our principles are built around understanding the needs of the many in the industry and providing solutions.  Having 24/7 access to a reliable resource that is run by honest caring people who are liked, trusted, and consistently provide a high satisfaction user experience is not an easy combination to find online however this is the core and heart of RETechCampus.

A positive user experience is our priority, but helping agents and brokers succeed is our passion and goal.

Watch the GRAND OPENING video replay here. RETechCampus Grand Opening!

RETechCampus Grand Opening