Relocation and Moving Cost Calculator

Sometimes the most difficult part of purchasing a new home or relocating to a new area is the “MOVE” itself.

Trying to calculate the costs and comparisons can be time consuming and frustrating! There’s always that consideration of using professional movers, getting quotes and bids on freight shipping and using portable containers down to renting a moving truck and pestering your friends to come help on that BIG MOVE DAY!

Is this touching on a nerve or possibly some memories of your own?

MoveBuddha is a simple, free and really cool way to get pricing instantly. No personal information required and you can compare pricing on a variety of options. Simply enter the zip codes of where you’re moving from and to, the size of the home, and lastly the estimated moving date and MoveBuddha provides it’s magical calculations.

Go ahead and give it a try for yourself:


Why does moving make people angry?

“The Internet is a confusing place when it comes to moving information. Scattered across hundreds of sites you’ll find seemingly harmless contact forms with the headlines “Get Moving Prices Now!”, “Moving Cost Calculator”, etc.

Most sites fail to mention, by submitting your email and phone number you are agreeing to be contacted by an unlimited number of moving companies and salespeople.

Some moving websites sell customer information so aggressively, if I was really late to call a lead I got sent straight to voicemail, “If you’re a moving company, please stop calling.”

This isn’t how any industry should operate…” read more

Don’t have time to run a comparison yourself? Schedule a brief call with a MoveBuddha Guide. They’ll review the details of your move, recommend the best services and compare rates for you. Either way, MoveBuddha is another great resource and starting point for a stress free non-dreadful move day.

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