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What impact does a client review have on a real estate professional?

I guess if it’s a good review it could have a huge impact on the success of that agents brand, business and reputation?! On the contrary if it were a less than stellar review, could it not have the same huge impact but maybe adversely? Both of these speculations and assumptions are true! Consumers make buying and selling decisions everyday based on other people’s shared experiences regardless of their¬†relationship with the reviewer.

Real Satisfied Features

Are Yelp and Zillow Reviews The Best Industry Reviews for Professionals?

Jeff Turner from joined us live at RETechCampus today to share some great insights on reviews in general, but also did a very descriptive and detailed presentation of how Real Satisfied is uniquely using client reviews to help real estate agents succeed. The agent and broker dashboard on the backend of this Real Satisfied offer some very different and unique reporting, analytics, data uses, social plays and more.

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Reviews and Testimonials Generate Leads and Prospects!

It’s very clear that in every industry, client reviews and testimonials are one of the best third party marketing tools for success. But in real estate which is one of the largest investments people make in a life-time, client reviews become extremely important as they play a significant role in generating more leads and prospects than any other marketing strategy when it comes to genuine crowdsourcing and influential advertising.

Experience The Real Satisfied Product as a Agent and Consumer!

Watch the session, take the test drive, use the FREE Agent lite version to get started and then evaluate the entire process and compare the value proposition to anything else and any other company out there. I think you’ll find this product and service to be in a class and league of its own!

Real Satisfied Client Reviews