Real Estate Industry LIVE Tech Support Panel

Today was another history making session where a panel of real estate technology experts coming from all parts of the country with different backgrounds in real estate offered up a ton of wisdom and experience.

These guys selflessly planted themselves on a virtual stage and shared their knowledge with the entire real estate industry providing free technical advice and support for anyone and everyone.

Kirk Johnson   Gabe Lebeau   Nick McMahan   Brad Andersohn   Jeffrey
Kirk Johnson                 Gabe Lebeau              Nick McMahan        Brad Andersohn         Jeffrey Buettner

The Typical Tech Support Scenario and Experience

In Working The Magicmost technical support cases we experience as consumers, it always starts with that phone call to a company that actually took you 20 minutes just to find their phone number only to sit on hold for 25 more minutes while punching in numbers, account information, I.D’s and passwords etc.

When (and if) you finally get someone on the phone, they’re very difficult to hear and understand, they proceed by asking you for the same exact information you just entered into the phone 20 minutes earlier, and then the unthinkable… they accidentally disconnect you! (At least you think it was accidentally?)

You’re starting to get the picture, and probably remembering a similar tech support scenario of your own.

This is why we’ve started RETechCampus’ Tech Tuesday. Imagine 3-5 people sitting on a stage waiting for you to walk in and ask your tech and support questions? What if you could find the solutions to issues or challenges that have haunted you for days, weeks or even months? And what if you could do it all online and for free?

RETech Tuesday Expert Panel

The response from our audience and live stream attendance was enough to warrant doing this event again. My own personal experience from today allowed me to finally resolve an Apple iTunes challenge I’ve had for many months now. These guys helped me figure it out while on stage and it took them less than 5 minutes to do so. That’s faster than most could even find a tech support phone number for Apple and iTunes, right?

Watch this session, think of your questions or challenge and we’ll see you next time with answers or a solution!