Real Estate Top Producer Panel

We’re off to a fantastic start here at RETechCampus. Today was our first panel of top producing experts who shared their best practices and tips with campus guests and visitors. Joining us “live” in the amphitheater were Mike and Chris Farkas, Kerry Lucasse and Kevin Mullaney. Special shout-out and thank you to Doug Hayden who was scheduled to be there but had some personal priorities that kept him from joining us.

The discussion today was not about any one specific concept, but more of an informal Q&A style interview.

RETechCampus Top Producer Agent Panel

These are some (not all) of the questions asked of our panel:

  • Highlights from last year, volume of transactions, growth etc.
  • What are your goals for this year?
  • How many people/agents on your team?
  • Where do the majority of your leads come from?
  • What is the most common (deal maker/breaker) question you get from buyers and sellers?
  • What are your thoughts regarding best ways to use 3rd party syndication sites?
  • How important are client reviews and where should agents get and use them?
  • What is an allowable Response time to online leads in today’s mobile marketplace?
  • 3 Tools, websites, apps you can’t live without?
  • What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced and how did you overcome it?
  • Who are the most important affiliates in your day to day business and why? Lender, Title, Appraisal etc.
  • How do you go about selecting the affiliate companies you work with? What’s the process?
  • What Online marketing do you find most effective? What offline marketing gets you best results?
  • Which social media sites do you frequent most and why?
  • How do you go about getting referrals from past clients, when, and how?
  • What advice can you give someone who is new and just getting started?

Greatness IS Within Us All!

Anytime you gather a group of experienced, knowledgable and productive agents into a single location and event, the information that gets shared is immeasurable. The amount of ideas and content that flows is invaluable.  Listen to these agents and what they share and you’re going to come away with some creative ways to succeed faster, easier, and with proven results from people who have personally experienced growth and success.


  • Ken Rury

    It’s so great being able to hear these great speakers without having to travel or pay a fee or be limited by the experience of those in the local office, who generally aren’t available.