Real Estate Crowdfunding Sites

What is real estate crowdfunding? Did you know that the crowdfunding concept has been in place and used for hundreds of years? It is just now becoming the hot topic in the real estate space. Sites and platforms like and KickStarter have been using the concept and their platforms to provide visionaries and entrprenuers with access to investors who believe in and want to invest in their ideas, concepts or products etc.

Real Estate Crowd Funding Archived Video Replay –

“Crowdfunding in essence is similar to what takes place every Sunday in churches all across America. It’s called an offering basket. Today we want to share with you and show you how real estate crowdfunding outside the four-walls and on the web will be changing real estate investing as we know it today. In the video below, David Postolski from shares a plethora of detailed content and information regarding the NEW real estate crowd-funding opportuities that are coming in May 2016.”

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Some of the real estate crowdfunding sites and platforms that are already participating in real estate crowdfunding program.

The non-accredited investor will now be allowed to begin real estate investing on May 16th, 2016. You’ll want to do your homework, your due-diligence and research etc. before all this hits the media, the press, and the industry at large. You’ll need to be able to educate your buyers, sellers, and investors as to what this all means for them and for you!?

Don’t miss out on this industry and game changing opportunity. This is not a security and exchange commission’s seminar, The crowdfunding laws and rules are about to change. AGENTS NEED TO KNOW THIS!!