Real and Zillow Update – Jay Thompson

Jay Thompson, Director of Industry Outreach from Zillow Group joins us as our special guest to share an update regarding the new website for first-time buyers and millennials. In addition, Jay provided an update about Zillow, some of the new changes to Zillow Group policies, and shared some interesting tidbits in order to dispel some myths and rumors about what Zillow is doing and what they’re up to next.

The discussion includes:

  • Jay’s story as an agent and broker with Thompson’s Realty, now part of eXp Realty.
  • An overview and some details about the directives for
  • The new listing policy being enforced by Zillow and company.
  • The co-branding and marketing being used on listing images and Zillow’s perspective and policy.
  • The Zestimate, the newest lawsuit and why it may or may not make a difference at all.