Postlets Real Estate Listing Syndication

Maximize your listing syndication using as a free resource.

Postlets Features

Postlets can save you time and help expose your seller’s property and rentals to the largest audiences of potential prospects. Postlets is a free property listing service provided to agents and property owners that lets users enter in homes for sale and rental properties on a single listing page. Postlets automatically populates 20+ real estate sites where users are searching for property.

Postlets Syndication

Some valuable features demonstrated here include property location and surrounding area details. Adding specific details of the property along with photos, media and virtual tours. Including important information like your contact details. Promoting your property Postlet on a variety of sites plus sharing your Postlet on social media using the custom vanity url address.

In this session we cover:

  • How to setup a new Postlets account
  • Postlets resources for tracking and mgmt
  • Finding the perfect tenant
  • Move-in and Move-out checklist
  • The rental income and expense sheet
  • What renters want to see in a listing
  • Setting up a new property listing/rental
  • How to edit and activate any property
  • Changing the Postlets property theme
  • Searching Postlets Listings by State
  • Directions for adding property to Craigslist
  • Creating and naming your Postlets Gallery
    and more…

Watch The Archived Session Here

The Value of Teaching Your Investor Clients

One amazing idea that came from the training today was how to provide an impressive value-added proposition to your real estate investor clients. Using this same training and tutorial session here and applying it to your investors to help them find a great tenant/renter adds additional value to the already great service you’ve provided. Teaching your investors how to use Postlets to promote and find a great tenant candidate is “value” beyond the purchase/sale.

Postlets Property