Never Be Forgotten Again

Never Be Forgotten Again with WhoHub

In a recent visit to the Cloud Campus, WhoHub came and shared the power of their #1 real estate messaging app with industry pros. Here’s the archived video. WhoHub – A Community for REALTORS® This past week Co-Founder and CEO Brad LaTour stopped in to share how agents and brokers can use Whohub to stay connected and in multiple ways.

WhoHub primarily connects vendors to homeowners, homeowners to agents, and agents to vendors etc. Brad also stopped by to share a special offer but more importantly to show how you can use WhoHubApp to “Never Be Forgotten Again!”  Take advantage of the WhoHub free app and the opportunity to make “connections” that matter in your business!

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Take advantage of the special offer at the end that allows you to invite affiliates and get an incentive bonus just for sharing.