More Listings with Predictive Analytics

In today’s RE Tech Campus real estate industry outreach, Hollie Petapiece from SmartZip came in and shared how their predictive analytics combined with the services from their platform can help agents and brokers increase listings in their local markets. This is the ultimate target marketing or niche prospecting.

If you’re not familiar with SmartZip or how “predictive analytics” actually work, you’ll want to watch this video.



It really boils down to “Smart-Targeting” or what many of us in the industry refer to as “Target-Marketing” or even “Niche-Marketing” which will all get you better results than the old school way of geographic farming and door-to-door knocking.

If you’re interested after watching the video below, you can go to to get a 30% discount on the data and a %50 discount on their predictive analytics and smart-targeting marketing program.