How To Create A Savvy Card

It’s really anyone’s guess what happens to a business card once it makes it from your hand into the hands of a peer, prospect, client or even friend. We want to believe that the business card gets filed away in a convenient and easy to access location so that one day the receiver will put your business card to good use. Really?

What do you do with the plethora of business cards you’ve received over the many years? How about just the cards you received in the past year? Rolodex? Recipe Card box? Shoebox in the closet, or worst yet… the garbage can? No one wants to believe the latter, but we can all agree that the business cards’ ultimate destination is unknown?

Check out SavvyCard, the mobile business card that can be handed to prospects in person and live right from your mobile device to theirs. Better than a business card, the Savvy Card stays on their mobile device and appears as an app they can access for way more than just contacting you. It brings new life and more value to the purpose and intent of your card.

Watch this short Cloud-Campus presentation of Savvy Card, see how easy it is to create and setup and you’ll enjoy the cost of both the class we offer today and the Savvy Card, they are both free. Create multiple cards under one account so you can target your niche clients and audience with a single yet powerful new business card app.