GLTYR – Give Life To Your Realty

GLTYR generates integrated picture, audio, video and text as a multimedia ad right from your mobile device. Dr. Subra Sudhakar, founder and CEO of GLTYR joined us this past Friday for a detailed workshop around how to use GLTYR while on the go to increase your prospect marketing and client communication effectiveness.

Here’s a one minute introduction video of GLTYR.

GLTYR allows FREE account holders the ability to send out a single GLTYR creation up to 25 contacts. They offer a paid service that allows a contact database reach of up to 5000 contacts. Video, text, audio and images in a matter of minutes to anyone, anywhere, at anytime and for any reason. This makes GLTYR one of the best mobile marketing and communication apps.

Gltyr at RETechCampus

This nifty little mobile app packs quite a mobile-punch in that it provides real-time mobile marketing capabilities.

  • Create SEO Landing PagesCREATE YOUR GLTYR AD
  • Spot Commercials
  • Create Coupons & Offers
  • Produce Product Profiles
  • Create and Share ServicesGLTYR Audience is Waiting
  • Build Customer Reviews
  • Send Custom Greetings
  • Produce Digital Cards
  • Open House Invitations
  • Send Invite Brokers OpenGLTYR Do It Yourself
  • Produce Business Cards
  • Setup Announcements
  • Keep In Touch Updates
  • VIP Classified Listings
    ….. and much more

If you’re interested in using GLTYR or taking it for a test drive, here’s a video tutorial that will better reveal the value-proposition and features. Here’s a link to the Real estate examples Dr. S shares in his presentation.


Watch Dr. S deliver his cloud-campus presentation and watch closely as he creates a live GLTYR during the middle section of his workshop. It can’t get any easier and most certainly will save time with marketing and communication efforts. Visit the RE Tech Campus every Friday for VIP Guests, presentations and workshops etc.  (See Calendar)


GLTYR at RETechCampus