eXp Tools for Success

What’s in your real estate toolbox? Every master of their trade for every industry has a toolbox with specific tools and hardwares etc. to make their job easier, more efficient and ultimately help with completing jobs successfully. eXp Realty is no exception to this philosophy of having a powerful toolbox.

In this training, we do a basic overview of the many tools available in your eXp Realty toolbox. Some of what we’ll show you covers lead generation, lead cultivation, transaction management, Agent Directory, mobile apps, career tools, agent attraction strategies, goal setting, eXp Cloud resources, continuing education a self-paced learning expressway and more.

Each week we will also drill down deeper into one of these specific tools to share its value-proposition, how and when to use the tool and service, and we also offer an open forum Q&A to make sure everyone is comfortable with the specific tool or service and that all questions get answered in each session.

Here’s the overview of eXp Tools for Success, please feel to review, ask questions and share with others.


If you’ve missed any of the training and education classes available from RE Tech Campus, feel free to visit the archive library which offers more than a year’s worth of recorded video content.