CrowdFunding Real Estate

If your buyer or seller asks you about real estate crowdfunding a project or for more information regarding crowdfunding, make sure you’ve done your research and can show them the ropes. As the word gets out that investing in real estate online could be this easy, you want to be armed with the knowledge to properly guide your clients through the process. This session will be a great starting point for those oncoming conversations.

Here is just a few of the Real Estate Crowdfunding Sites that are currently up and running online.

David Postolski is back but this time with an update regarding the trends and significance of real estate crowdfunded projects. Since the laws changed on May 15th, 2016 allowing the non-accredited investor to invest in real estate, there’s a movement to many real estate online portals where consumers are finding some financial rewards. This is the slide deck that David shared with us, the video of this session will be posted here shortly.

Here is the recorded session from 11/18/2016