Co Branding Your Content Marketing

The internet creates a wonderful opportunity that allows people to share content across many platforms including but not limited to social media. Every time you create a hyper-link that drives traffic to your intended sites is really considered content marketing. What if you could co-brand and content market to targeted audiences and drive traffic more effectively? has taken this concept to the next level by adding the ability to co-brand your content marketing with a custom call-to-action and a hyper-link button that drives your niche and target audiences anywhere you want them to go!

In the recorded workshop below you’ll learn how to use to create a co-branded marketing campaign that can be targeted to any audience. It takes less than 60 seconds to create one of these (less if you have the plugin or browser extension installed) and with your custom call-to-action you’ll increase the traffic to your websites and blogs. Best of all, it’s FREE!

It was an honor and privilege to have Co-Founder Michael Cheng join us on the campus for some tips, best practices and Q&A that left everyone convinced that this is one of the best tools and services for agents and brokers of the decade!

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