Buyer Brokerage Agreement Best Practices

Screen Shot 2015-06-20 at 8.55.02 AMLeo Schwartz, an accomplished educator and real estate trainer joined us on the campus to share his views, perspectives and best practices in regards to the “Buyer Broker Agreement” and its uses and purpose. In addition, he shared and discussed the benefits and challenges one might face during the presentation and discussion with clients around the legal binding document.

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This session was also opened up for an informal Q&A where some very interesting conversations and dialogue took place.  The question regarding who and how to enforce a breach of the buyer brokerage agreement came up and there were some interesting views and opinions by those using the agreement with their buyers. As always, some really good fodder and take-aways for anyone needing enlightenment on the topic.


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As you can imagine, many agents feel that the use of this agreement is a controversial topic, but depending on who you have this discussion with will determine the amount of value and best practices you can extract from that conversation. You should view and weigh-in on this conversation in order to have a more educated and well rounded perspective on the topic.