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Meet Eric Sachs, CEO and founder of  Eric’s vision, mission and passion synchronizes seamlessly and harmoniously with the RETechCampus mission and passion of helping other real estate professionals be successful. By doing so ensures our success and future survival as well.

Eric, a former police officer in Colorado shares his “story” and his “why” which is absolutely fascinating.

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Once you watch this archive video, you’ll be amazed at what these guys have created and built for agents and how they also provide it all for free. Templates, flyers, presentations, downloads, postcards, newsletters, promotional pieces, letterhead, brochures and a ton more, all customizable and accessed online and all at no cost.

Homes For Sale Template

Just type in a couple tid-bits of data, upload an image or two and viola, a perfectly laid out and totally branded listing flyer in just seconds for your sellers. One of my favorites is the abundance of complimentary copyright free content for your real estate related blog posts and your neighborhood and community marketing efforts. Access listing presentation templates and more.

There’s photo branding available, printing services (not free) and geographic farming capabilities. You can choose from ledger sized luxury brochures, printable if needed in hi-gloss, to a real estate advisor newsletter that can be customized, downloaded and then emailed or electronically sent and shared with your prospects and clients.

Online Yard Sign

You’ll only need to register once (again, for free) and then you’re not going to believe what you’ll have access to! I know what you’re thinking right now, yeah yeah yeah, but if it’s free, how valuable or good can it really be right? Think what you must but then go with your gut feeling and trust me on this one… GO Watch this video, then check out the site and see for yourself.

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