BombBomb Email Video Marketing

Overcome your fear, and start WINNING with video!

Are you getting online leads and prospects? How quick are you responding? What form of communication are you using? Is your first choice always email, text or the phone etc.? Using email video responses has proven to be a unique and powerful way to reply and engage your prospects and clients in a much deeper and more personalized meaningful way.

Steve Pacinelli, Vice President of Strategic Marketing at BombBomb came and shared some great ideas and discussions around video email marketing. He then dove deeper and provided some very realistic and practical tips showing agents how to implement these best practices immediately into their email responses and marketing strategies.

One really helpful tool Steve shared was the VIDEO HELP GUIDE which is free to download if you subscribe.

Everyone in attendance and on the livestream was offered a FREE 14 day trial with no obligation, no commitment, and no credit card or upfront fees required, plus get all the real estate content included. (not included in standard 14 day trial)

Enjoy this replay, please watch and share with others that want to succeed with video communication marketing.

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