GLTYR – Give Life To Your Realty

GLTYR generates integrated picture, audio, video and text as a multimedia ad right from your mobile device. Dr. Subra Sudhakar, founder and CEO of GLTYR joined us this past Friday for a detailed workshop around how to use GLTYR while on the go to increase your prospect marketing and client communication effectiveness. Here’s a one minute […]

Co Branding Your Content Marketing

The internet creates a wonderful opportunity that allows people to share content across many platforms including but not limited to social media. Every time you create a hyper-link that drives traffic to your intended sites is really considered content marketing. What if you could co-brand and content market to targeted audiences and drive traffic more effectively? […]

Squeeze and Landing Page BEST Tips

Jennifer Snyder, the expert Digital Marketing Maven from shares her best practices and top tips for agents wanting to cultivate, capture and convert more business specifically from their squeeze and targeted landing pages. A favorite quote from her session, “Make your CTA clear and compelling, how will putting in their info help them immediately […]

Search Rural Properties For Sale By State and County offers this widget that allows rural properties to be searched by State and County. It’s easy to embed and gives additional value to your blog followers and readers. Think of a State, then the County, and see if that perfect property pops up in the search results? “The world is your home, use the […]

How To Prospect Using Public Record Data

There are a variety of sites available to real estate professionals that offer access to public record data. Some States and Counties have additional resources that offer if for free, others charge a fee to access their lists and detailed property information.  Today we are showing interested agents and brokers how and where to find public […]

BombBomb Email Video Marketing

Overcome your fear, and start WINNING with video! Are you getting online leads and prospects? How quick are you responding? What form of communication are you using? Is your first choice always email, text or the phone etc.? Using email video responses has proven to be a unique and powerful way to reply and engage your […]

Free Websites, Tools, and Apps for Business

In today’s networking and collaboration mastermind workshop, we discussed a variety of free tools and online services. These are all available to anyone and everyone. And in most cases are absolutely free.  A few are free by trial offering an opportunity to give them a test run, and then purchase at a later time if you find […]

Target Marketing & Niche Prospecting

In today’s training session we reviewed the agent goal planner workshop that took place on Monday. The idea behind the goal planner is to determine how many contacts and appointments you’ll have to have (based on NAR averages and statistics)  in order to obtain the number of closings needed to reach or exceed your financial real […]

RETechCampus Training Tutorial

In this video tutorial you’ll learn all the skills needed to navigate successfully around the RETechCampus. This lesson and walk through will also cover the many collaboration tools and services available on the campus with detailed explanations and best practice tips for the best user experience. This video is broken down into two sections: 1. […]

Unleashing The Power of Kunversion

Brian Hoialman, VP of Sales for Kunversion joined us to share some great tips and best practices for following up with and converting any and all online leads. Using corrective statements of communication and scripts that demand a response is the key to success. During this session, Jeffrey Buettner shared some critical setup steps and […]