eXp Tools for Success

What’s in your real estate toolbox? Every master of their trade for every industry has a toolbox with specific tools and hardwares etc. to make their job easier, more efficient and ultimately help with completing jobs successfully. eXp Realty is no exception to this philosophy of having a powerful toolbox. In this training, we do […]

How To Get Zillow Leads Into Kunversion

During a Kunversion Q&A session today, Michelle asked, “How do I get my Zillow leads to automatically go into my Kunversion CRM without having to manually add them or export and import them into Kunversion?” This is a great question with a really simple answer and process. You can automate the entire process in a matter […]

How To Create A Savvy Card

It’s really anyone’s guess what happens to a business card once it makes it from your hand into the hands of a peer, prospect, client or even friend. We want to believe that the business card gets filed away in a convenient and easy to access location so that one day the receiver will put […]

How To Watermark Listing Photos

In this video tutorial you’ll learn how to brand your listing photos and create a company logo watermark using BreakThroughBroker’s MyOnlineYardSign.com. You will also learn how to upload your newly branded and watermarked listing photos on to the 3rd party portals, in this example we’ll use Zillow. It’s really simple and won’t take you much […]

Target and Niche Marketing

In the last “Grow Your Business Coaching” session at RE Tech Campus, we discussed and shared the many ways agents can get business. Starting with the low hanging fruit and then moving into some more creative and sophisticated target marketing and niche prospecting strategies. The knowledge is just one part of this, having the resources […]

Everything But The House

Sounds like a great article title right? It’s actually the name of the company that presented their product today. You sell the house, they sell “Everything But The House!” Lewis Woosley and Michael Gadd joined us to share how their service benefits both consumers and real estate agents. Everything But The House –  EBTH is […]

NAR Economic and Housing Outlook

Dr. Lawrence Yun 2015-11-13 One of the most interesting pieces of these reports is comparing them to previous years. I personally love to go back and review these reports and slides from earlier years to see how accurate the predictions and outlooks really are/were? Do you see these trends in your area? Is this information […]

4 Step Plan for Success – Brad Andersohn

The 4-Step Plan for success is a simple entry level startup program designed to help agents from all backgrounds and experience to get up and running quickly and efficiently.  Regardless of your location, the market, or your personal experience, this plan will work for you.  The program focuses on 4 simple steps that have a historic […]

Free Video Crowdsourcing with VidRack

Vidrack co-founder, Ryan Parent joined us today to share how his video crowdsourcing tool can help you with your real estate business growth and success. You can watch the session in it’s entirety HERE. Did you know that 21% of the Internet is user generated video? Vidrack lets you put a Free Video Record Button […]

Gene Frederick – 101 Ways To Lead Generate

In this cloud workshop session, Gene shares his 101 top ways and most creative suggestions to lead generate. He also provides some excellent ideas for connecting and networking with a variety of “connectors” that can have a positive impact in your real estate business. The mindset and approach Gene shares about “connectors” is enlightening. About […]