How to Dominate FSBO’s and EXPIRED’s

In this session, Christoph Malzl from Landvoice shares his insights and proven best practices to help agents and brokers increase business within their local markets and communities. During the class, Christoph provides free access to information, ebooks, white-papers and more to help agents and brokers with “beyond this class, now what do I do” tools, […]

RETechCampus Cloud ReLaunch

The NEW RETechCampus Launched This Week in the Cloud. The new real estate technology campus offers a variety of locations for a multitude of real estate related industry events and trainings in the cloud. You can visit the new campus by downloading our cloud world onto your PC or MAC computer. Here’s your FREE Invite RE Tech […]

Agent Best Practices for Using Zillow

This Zillow session was recorded at the RE Tech Campus industry outreach event on Tuesday, December 6th, 2016 and was moderated and presented by Brad Andersohn, former Zillow employee (2010-2014) and now full-time Director of Education and Industry Outreach for eXp Realty. eXp Realty and RE Tech Campus along with First Cloud Mortgage can all be […]

CrowdFunding Real Estate

If your buyer or seller asks you about real estate crowdfunding a project or for more information regarding crowdfunding, make sure you’ve done your research and can show them the ropes. As the word gets out that investing in real estate online could be this easy, you want to be armed with the knowledge to […]

Trading Real Estate xTradeHomes

The evolution of real estate is shared with agents and brokers inside eXp’s World prior to launching in the United States and Canada. In this first-ever preview of, Marcel Potvin shares this brand new service and concept for consumers and agents. Real Estate Agents can use xTradeHomes to bring together multiple sellers to trade […]

Zillow Tips and Secrets Unveiled

Bringing The Real Estate Cloud To The People Today marks yet another exciting milestone for the RETech Campus, eXp Realty, and all thanks to Zillow. Our session “Zillow Top Secrets” from a former staff employee of Zillow, was shared around the country and world from inside our cloud campus amphitheater. Bringing the Real Estate Cloud […]

6 Must Have WordPress Pages

Kerry Lucasse shared how these 6 pages are a must know and must have for real estate agents and their WordPress sites and blogs. In addition to the 6 must have pages, Kerry also shared her tips, best practices and blogging strategies that have helped her grow her online real estate business. “If you just […]

Free Builder Update & Search Tool

Today we were pleasantly surprised with this awesome service currently provided by BuildersUpdate. Lloyd Vaughn joined us in the cloud campus amphitheater to share how this agent-centric tool can help agents in their local markets to get more leads from those prospects searching for new homes. BuildersUpdate allows consumers or anyone to search your website, […]

More Listings with Predictive Analytics

In today’s RE Tech Campus real estate industry outreach, Hollie Petapiece from SmartZip came in and shared how their predictive analytics combined with the services from their platform can help agents and brokers increase listings in their local markets. This is the ultimate target marketing or niche prospecting. If you’re not familiar with SmartZip or […]

Real Estate Crowdfunding Sites

What is real estate crowdfunding? Did you know that the crowdfunding concept has been in place and used for hundreds of years? It is just now becoming the hot topic in the real estate space. Sites and platforms like and KickStarter have been using the concept and their platforms to provide visionaries and entrprenuers with […]