4 Step Plan for Success – Brad Andersohn

The 4-Step Plan for success is a simple entry level startup program designed to help agents from all backgrounds and experience to get up and running quickly and efficiently.  Regardless of your location, the market, or your personal experience, this plan will work for you.  The program focuses on 4 simple steps that have a historic and proven track record of success.

This is the simplest yet most powerful and efficient way to start growing a successful and rewarding real estate business.

STEP – 1 – Setting Realistic Financial Goals

Financial Goal Planner Motivation
In order to get anything done in life, you must be motivated and inspired. But being compelled might be a better motivator and could demand faster results? What is the one thing that compels you to get up everyday, go out and live the life you do, and still make ends meet somehow? Every individual on the planet earth has this “one thing” in common; income!

That’s right! Money to pay the bills. We all need our finances in order just to simply cover the cost of living. So let’s use that number, your unique but very important number so we can determine an exact plan and strategy to help you reach or exceed that much needed and desired financial goal.

(NOTE: This is not how much you want to make, or how much you wish you could make in real estate, this is how much you MUST make and HAVE to earn in order to pay the necessity bills.)

Using the “Agent Financial Goal Planner“, we can help you determine exactly how many homes you’ll need to close, how many appointments you’ll need to have and how many contacts you’ll need to make on a daily basis in order to reach and exceed your personal financial goals.

Agent Assist Goal Planner

Based on NAR statistics, this Step-1 will provide you the roadmap needed for your future. Video Details

STEP – 2 – Generating Contacts + Setting Appointments = Closings

Real Estate Lead Generation

Now that you’ve created your personal financial goals sheet, you know exactly how many contacts, appointments and closings you’ll need to reach your goals. Simple right? Now you just need to generate leads, potential clients, get some contacts and have real estate discussions with targets and prospects. You need to get and set up some appointments. This is the hardest part of real estate for most agents. Don’t worry, this is where we are able to help.

Focus and keep saying this mantra:
Contacts, Appts, Closings. Leads are either incoming or they are outbound, either way lead generation is critical.

Need contacts and leads? All you have to do is attend the “Grow Your Business Coaching” that takes place every Friday at 10am PT (1pm ET) at the RE Tech Campus. The session and workshop take place on Rooftop 4. Learn 15 way to generate more contacts and appointments, get 101 ways to lead generate, and see how public record database access can get you all the contacts and prospects you’ll ever need in this lifetime.

Brad Andersohn Lead Generation

STEP – 3 – Managing Your Contacts, Leads, Prospects and Clients Using CRM

Real Estate CRM

This step is where the majority of good agents and brokers seemingly fall short and to no fault of their own. Afterall, there are only 25 hours in the day and who has the time these days to manage relationships with people and still find time to whittle, crochet, needle-knit, join the bowling league and play bingo! Geez, right? How are you going to keep track of all those contact calls, conversations, appointments, follow-up and to-do’s etc.?

An awesome CRM is the ONLY way. Time management is critical these days as is a good CRM. The proper use of a CRM is the only way you will successfully manage the volume of relationships you’ll need to build up in order to truly be successful. This is how successful agents turn a prospecting and farming database into a referral money making machine. Check out Kunversion.com as a CRM, IDX and PPC tool for managing leads/clients. Also, the websites and landing pages rock!

Kunversion  Kunversion Websites

STEP – 4 – The Real Estate Toolbox for Success

Whats In Your Real Estate Toolbox

The final step is to know all the technology and tools that are available to help you successfully grow your business. Know what systems and services are included in your real estate tool box, and know when to use the right tool for the right job or challenge. Do you know what’s in your tool box? Do you know where to find them and how to use them? Do you know how and when to use this variety of tools and resources?

Step-4 is a simple session overview of all the tools, systems, resources and technologies available under the current cloud-based model. It’s a workshop and mastermind group that meets every Thursday at 9am PT (12pm ET) to participate in an overview of “eXp Tools for Success” an all inclusive hour packed class reviewing each of the tools, services and resources that everyone needs and uses at some point in real estate.

Check out all these sessions and more at eXpCloud.com or visit RETechCampus.com for replays and other archived recordings.